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"I'm a husband, father, system administrator, content creator and general DIY-er. My goal is give hope to others who are struggling to create with little or no budget and share ways to succeed."

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Minor update! It's a bit off the beaten path for my usual content, but I started streaming retro adventure games with my kids on Kick, just for fun! No official schedule right now, but worth checking out for a few laughs!

- October 12, 2023 -
Many months have flown by! I've been personally invested in ramping up a number of small businesses, most of which are finally starting to take shape, but still require SO much energy. THANK YOU all for being SO supportive of my work, especially while I've been stretched thin. It's SO encouraging and keeps me going!

EFX Packs
For those who remember I have been developing a special effects pack for Kdenlive (lightswords, laser blasts, muzzle flares, bullet casings, etc.), I hope you can be excited with me! In the coming months, I hope to reveal more in the form of short videos on my YouTube channel, but will be ultimately be making these packs available for purchase. Keep watch!

Training Courses
I will be formalizing all the Kdenlive secrets and tips I've been mastering into eCourses over the coming months. I'll be annoucing more as this project develops and gains more traction. If you'd like to get a headstart on getting setup with Kdenlive and learn best practices, considering purchasing my latest eBook, "Every Tool You Need for Content Creation (For Free!)". This guide covers not just Kdenlive, but hightlights high-quality, free tools to get you started in content creation right away!

There's more, but these are the juiciest pieces for now!
Check out my YouTube channel for up to the moment art technology tutorials and guides, including KDEnlive, Krita, RawTherapee, DarkTable, and comparisions alongside commerical products!